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Home is the Key

With a heart for helping others, Gloria knew that her calling would lead her to a profession where she could really make a difference. Years later as a Hospice Home Health Aide, Gloria has helped hundreds of families cope with cancer and death. She has sat at bedside consoling family members while tending to the daily needs of the patient. She has listened and loved with compassion and empathy. Gloria is truly an angel here on earth.

However, life hasn’t always been easy for Gloria. Despite the importance of Gloria’s job as a Home Health Aide, the position does not pay a living wage, especially here in New Jersey. With rent payments as high as $1,200-$1,800 a month, many tenants pay over 50% of their wages in rent, leaving them struggling to afford food, clothing, insurance and daycare. As a result, Gloria and her two daughters were forced to live in a one-bedroom apartment in a crime-infested area. Sharing a bedroom with her youngest, Monroe, while Asiana slept on the couch in the living room, Gloria dreamt of homeownership.

Gloria’s dream came true when she was selected by Northern Ocean Habitat for Humanity as our 19th partner homeowner. Buying her home with an interest free mortgage through Habitat was remarkable for Gloria. Not only would the girls have their own bedrooms, but they would also have a safe haven to do their homework, have friends and family visit, and host the holidays.

As Monroe chased squirrels across the backyard, Gloria smiled and reflected on the heart of the Thanksgiving season.

“There is always something to be thankful for despite all my financial struggles … most importantly my beautiful healthy girls. This year put a whole new perspective on life … this year I am humbly grateful that my daughters and I will always have a forever home.”

“Dreams do come true,” she thought, as she quietly said a prayer of gratitude.

Gloria, Asiana, and Monroe holding their new home keys!

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