Welcome to Builder Bob’s Blog

At Northern Ocean Habitat, we build new homes,#20 going up in 2020, and repair homes, 254 to date. I have the great job of supervising this wonderful work. Welcome to Builder Bob’s Blog, Stories From the Site. 

Last year, we received a call from a marine that called Habitat on behalf of another marine desperately needing  home repairs. Semper Fi !  The homeowners, a Korean War veteran that needs a walker to get around, and his wife were reluctant to ask for help, as veterans often are.Their home needed all sorts of repairs to make it safe and comfortable. The concrete porches were crumbling and the floors were  patched so many times that all the rooms were on different levels. With the help and dedication of our construction volunteers, a group of employees from Ferguson Plumbing Supply, and an independent plumber, also a veteran, that donated his time, the home was restored. New floors throughout, and “walker friendly” steps that allowed Walter to get out of his home on his own for the first time in almost a year. It brought a tear to your eye. Besides labor, doing this great work, of course, requires funding. We rely on your  generous donations, and proceeds from our Restore to keep our mission going. Without the hard work of our Restore volunteers, our construction volunteers couldn’t help all the people we do. As you can see, volunteers are the heart of Habitat. Donation and volunteer information can be found on our website, nohfh.com. Please remember to shop the Restore!  More next month…

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