Helping Habitat Hammer Back

This past month hit home for so many in Ocean County. As multiple hurricanes slammed the United States, we were too quickly reminded of the devastation that Sandy created for our community only five years ago. We are, however,  also reminded of the hope that came from people helping people. Neighbors no longer stood by to examine the pathway to recovery; they became the pathway by extending their resources to those that lost everything. They became the hands and hearts of hope.

Northern Ocean Habitat for Humanity joined arms with organizations from near and far and soon became a home and hope rebuilder. As we gained the momentum and the resources to start the rebuilding phase, we quickly realized that we were not alone. Habitat for Humanity International provided us with the framework for the recovery and we began the process of creating our action plan. With lessons learned and new founded procedures, we are ready to lend our time and resources to our brothers and sisters across the country and the world. As Habitat International is assessing the long range plans for recovery we know that we are committed to the marathon. We will help our friends rebuild their homes and communities.

Recently, we began a partnership with Playa Bowls, a local business that that has a deep philanthropic commitment to their community and the world. They recognize that together, we can build stronger and louder. Join in this momentum by visiting the Island Heights Playa Bowls location to purchase a Playa Bowls x Habitat t-shirt – all proceeds will benefit our disaster relief fund. You can also donate directly on our web site below. Together, Habitat will Hammer Back.


Suzan Fichtner 


Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria caused unprecedented and widespread devastation, forcing thousands of people out of damaged homes and communities. Habitat for Humanity’s goal is to help more than 6,000 families in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico over the next three to five years.