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Veteran Repair Program: Aging in Place

Years of PTSD had left Daniel with many internal scars. The effects of Vietnam had driven him to a hopeless dark place where he suffered silently. For two decades Daniel battled back to inner peace and contentment even after losing the love of his life to cancer. Living contentedly in a modest ranch in Beachwood, Daniel took pride in the upkeep of his home. Unfortunately as the years went by and his health and financial resources declined, so did the condition of his home. All seemed bleak until Daniel found Northern Ocean Habitat for Humanity’s Veteran Repair Program.

It was on a balmy day in late August that Mission Magic happened for Daniel through a Village of caring, dedicated community volunteers. It started when a strapping group of young Air Force men from the Joint Base arrived ready to repair Daniel’s home. The Village kept growing as volunteers swarmed Ocean Ave. with gratitude and appreciation for Daniel’s service to his country. Jim Golini, District Vice President–Northeast Ferguson Enterprises, a Habitat Board member and Marine Veteran proudly saluted Daniel. “Semper Fi!” he exclaimed. A year ago, Jim made a pledge to Northern Ocean Habitat to provide the materials and resources necessary to repair veteran’s homes.

Amidst the noise of the skil saws, stories of brotherhood floated through Daniel’s home on that special day in August. As the day drew to a close, Daniel meandered through his home and yard embracing the repairs done to his home. He now had a safe wheelchair ramp, a modified ADA bathroom, a rebuilt facia and new gutters.

Shaking the hands of each volunteer, he turned with a smile and saluted … God Bless all of you and God Bless America!

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