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Northern Ocean Habitat for Humanity has been a partner of Habitat for Humanity Guatemala since 2009. Throughout this eight year partnership, the affiliate has kindly tithed $22,920.24 towards reducing the housing deficit in Guatemala, impacting families through the construction of homes, the creation of smokeless stoves, the donation of water filters, and the act of building hygienic latrines.

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Today in Guatemala, there is a housing deficit of over 1.6 million homes that must be improved or constructed. It is estimated that this number will increase to 2.1 million homes by 2020. Earthquakes, tropical storms, political turmoil, extreme poverty, and problems with land ownership, as well as legal and financial aspects, all play a role in this housing deficit. Additionally, 67.8% of the population works in the informal sector. This statistic indicates that the average monthly income of 2,158 Quetzales ($294 US) is not enough to provide a family with the bare minimum essentials, which cost 4,171 Quetzales ($568 US) each month. Consequently, Guatemalans face challenges with emotional development, a life of security, health issues, and other effects that hinder a healthy lifestyle.

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