habitat installs a lifetime roof

Stopping Leaks Forever

Northern Ocean Habitat for Humanity has been making Critical Home Repairs in the community since 2010.  Many of the homeowners we assist, like Bob and Laura of Whiting, own mobile homes and struggle with leaking roofs.

“We’ve had roof problems for quite a while, and we’ve been researching groups to try to help us out,” Bob said. Northern Ocean Habitat was the only one who stepped up and said “We can help you with this.”

Habitat Construction Director “Builder Bob” Conway and Construction Foreman Todd Reinhardt found the innovative solution for roof replacement – a steel roof – with help from Creative Building Supply in Lakewood.  As Todd explained, “This is an innovative roof because it’s a lifetime roof. Once this roof goes on, it’s the last roof you’ll ever need.” Builder Bob added, “And not only is it a lifetime roof, it’s a very cost effective solution. Our Habitat crew and volunteers can install a steel roof for about half the cost of a traditional roof installed by a contractor.  This is now the second steel roof we’ve installed. I see many more in our future.”

Bob and Laura couldn’t be happier with their new roof.

“We live on a fixed income, my wife is handicapped, and it’s really tough to get anything done.  I can’t get up on the roof anymore,” Bob said. “You have no idea what a gift it is for us to have an organization like Habitat for Humanity help us out.  We really appreciate it more than words can say.”

Installing the Steel Roof

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